Have you ever had a close encounter? We were contacted by Dr.  Gerald J. Gaura, Psychotherapist, who wants to share his research about some abducted people aspects:


I’m writing to briefly introduce myself and my research. I’m a psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the Litchfield Connecticut region. I’ve been conducting research into anomalous phenomenon, which covers a spectrum of activity that’s typically labeled “paranormal”. A large part of the study and my interest revolves around the alien abduction narrative, however. My research is focused on examining the systems aspect of the abduction and paranormal puzzle. -By this I mean I look at the patterns surrounding the relational styles, structures, and subsystems of the families involved in these types of experiences. 

I designed a measure with the help of a Yale research fellow called the APAI (Anomalous and Paranormal Activity Inventory) a short while back. David Jacobs, abduction researcher and long time friend of Bud Hopkins, provided some consultation on its construction as well. The APAI serves as both an assessment tool for families experiencing acute activity, as well as an inventory to collect data of the family system angle. The inventory and study is relatively new, however I’ve had the privilege of working with people across the globe, both those who have agreed to participate in the study and those who are simply seeking therapeutic support and provide therapy. I do offer my services free to Experiencers and Contactees. For those out of area, I provide this via Skype. 

If you’re interested in having a look at the APAI, you can access it on my blog page here http://www.parapsychotherapyx.blogspot.com The link is nested within the menu on the right side of page. It reads Research/Support for Paranormal Experiencers.” Open that and follow the APAI link. There’s an additional link to “Share your paranormal experience,” which allows people to share their story without having to complete the more inclusive inventory. There’s also a few interviews if anybody is interested in learning more about my angle.


Gerald J. Gaura
Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
Owner: Newleaf Therapy Co.
Program Coordinator: The Graduate Institute
Staff Therapist: Naugatuck Youth and Family Services


If you ever had experience like that you should check his blog out!